Starting out with a career as a fashion retail salesman, Michael Boening’s interest in commercial textile design quickly grew after participating in several internships at well-known design agencies across London and Munich. Established in 1998 right after his degree in textile design, Foolsgold Fashion & Graphics quickly gathered a team of fulltime designers and illustrators and since then always has been a design agency packed with experience and the never ending drive to deliver only the best works for your products.

Starting out with our own style rooting in hip hop, skateboarding, punk rock and graffiti, our team adapted a wide variety of styles and became experts at applying those artistically to corporate designs. We do our research manually and thoroughly by delving deeply into the matter at hand. Clublife and subcultures offer many new up and coming trends, and we’re always eager to be among the first to catch up on them to make sure we always design commercial up to date collections.

We take care of various trade and label collections of many prestigious customers, covering sportswear, jeanswear, workwear, streetwear, young fashion for men, women & children with ease. Additionally we also design underwear, swimwear,  accessories and hometextile with outstanding results. If we had to put a finger on it, one of our biggest passions would be sports performance textiles in general – e.g. motorsports, motocross, skateboarding, football and basketball (which we still play in the backyards since the early days). In fact, we cover roughly half of the teams of the first and second German football league along with our cooperation partners in textile production, delivering only the best designs to their loyal and long-standing fan communities.

We always acquire up to date trend information from all over the globe, networking with people, design agencies and fashion brands located in London, Vicenza, Berlin and Barcelona. Our local networks here in Germany span many well-known designers, photographers and producers, enabling us to offer package deals that save you both money and valuable time (e.g. design and textile production as a streamlined procedure).

If you or your customers need a design solution for any merchandise product, you found the right place. We’ll make sure to make it worthwhile!