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  Foolsgold is a multi-national designteam. We take care of various trade- and lable-collections especially sportswear, jeanswear, streetwear, kids, young fashion, accessories and hometextile.
Our trend information that is essential for our business we get from all over the world. This is possible because of our international network of people, design agencies and fashion brands located in London, Bologna, Berlin and Barcelona.
We started with our own style based on the influences of hip-hop, skateboarding, punkrock and graffiti.
Influenced by that we focused our interests in all aspects of streetwear, boardersports and motorsports/motocross.
The combination of clublife reasearch and knowing this kind of subculture it makes it nowadays easier for us to design commercial up to date collections.
Another aspect of our actual design work focuses on sports performance textiles in general. We are passionate about individual sports like skateboarding and motocross but also team sports especially football and basketball what we practice in the backyards since the early days.